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Starting now, I’m going to be more productive towards my enthusiasms and reevaluate my leisure time. Although this self-intervention is supposed to last a week, I really want to make this a permanent change in my life.

Leisure time (for me) is something I often indulge in, is non-reflective, and taken for granted. This isn’t to say I don’t get my school work done or procrastinate; I always turn in assignments, study, and do the necessities to ensure I obtain a decent grade. But as I’ve recently been thinking about the things I want to accomplish, I’ve found that I need to spend my leisure time productively. I aspire to be a visual effects artist, cinematographer, and CG generalist but I feel these realities will be non-existent if I continue to watch Netflix, play video games, and go downtown for too many Pint Nights lol. I’ve begun to realize that if I want my future life to fall into place, I must dedicate the free time I have now to do things that will build good habits and shape understanding.

From now on, I am going to be analyzing my leisure time to ensure that I am more productive in an effort to better my future self.


Update: This week couldn’t have been a more perfect week to begin reevaluating my leisure time.  With no class and only a few assignments to work on, I was left with excess free time to spend productively. Aside from Thanksgiving shenanigans and the occasional night out with friends, my week was primarily filled with reading for pleasure, practicing guitar, working on personal projects, and going outside to hike, swim, etc. It felt nice to being doing healthier and more productive things but at the same time it was difficult to stay away from the screen. Overall, I think I kicked my intervention in the butt and hope to keep this productive mentally for the long run in an effort to build great habits.

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