Morning Intervention- Emily Sroczynski

Since fall quarter has started, I have begun to recognize how the new routine and added stress have started to negatively influence how I go through my day from the moment I wake up. I check my phone the moment I wake up, stressed about time constraints and potential important emails before I even get up. I’m worried I missed an important email or deadline, or that I somehow overslept. Once my phone is out, I procrastinate getting ready and being productive, and tend to just mindlessly scroll through whatever articles pop up. By the time I feel awake, I’ve already had an hour of screen time, and spend the rest of the day with a mild headache and strained eyes. I recognize how unhealthy it is to immediately reach to a device upon waking, disturbing any lingering peace with a horde of messages, emails, alerts and articles. I tried to make a conscious effort this break to start to the first hour of my day free from any technology or music. By not waking up and staring at my screen, I didn’t feel that pointless anxious urgency that comes from immediately checking my notifications. The mornings have felt more natural, and less invasive, and I have felt more present for the rest of the day.

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