I CHALLENGE YOU – Mariel Bernal (My SI of choice)

I have been embarrassed to say my age for the longest time because I feel I am too old to still be in college. However, if I tell you, I think my self-intervention of choice will make a little bit more sense. I am 26, yes I know this is old for all you youngsters out there. Anyways, when I was in high school and at the beginning of community college I was a semi-pro soccer player. Someone that inspired me and motivated me to reach that level was famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. I hate making up excuses, but I didn’t try and shoot for higher because I was afraid to fail and it gets sorta expensive. Therefore, I decided to choose a career that I felt was more realistic.

Right now Cristiano Ronaldo is 33 years old and after being put through a physical test right when he joined his new soccer club Juventus, his results were stupendous. It is said that he is in such great shape like that of a 22 year old. They interviewed him and asked him how he has been able to achieve that, and his response was, “I work out hard, eat right, sleep right and always shoot to be better than the day before.”

It is why for my self-intervention I want to eat healthy, work out harder than ever, and sleep a minimum of 7 plus hours. I am sure I can achieve it. I am super anxious to see some results. It will take more than just 10 days to get to another level, but I am curious/anxious to see the difference. It will a bummer to see the progress and tell myself, “Why didn’t I do this earlier!!!” That’s why you should try this and join me on my adventure. I CHALLENGE YOU!


-Mariel Bernal-Ordaz

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