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For my final self-intervention I decided to stay off of all social media for one week. I chose this because I feel it is very relevant to college students and it is important to be aware of how much time we spend online and how it affects our behavior. During my intervention it was extremely difficult to stay off of social media, mainly due to the habit I make of it. I am used to checking it many times a day, especially when I am bored. Through this process I was able to reflect on how I felt when I was not using social media. Primarily I gained a sense of appreciation for those close to me in my life, and the experiences we have had together. I was also able to see some of my personal situations in a different light, because I was free from comparing my situation to the seemingly perfect ones online. When I was not on social media, I got to speak on the phone with more friends and family, and rely more on meeting up and hanging out rather than interacting online. I am thankful for my intervention and plan to reduce my social media usage going forward.

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