Jess MacMillan – Asking Others What They Need

This past month I have been wrestling with the question ‘how can I be the best friend, daughter, girlfriend, etc. that I can be if I don’t know what people want?’ Through this self intervention I tried to address this question. I asked people ‘how can I be the best friend/sister/girlfriend/etc. to you?’ It was really amazing getting to hear the different responses that people had. Mostly people responded very flattered and humbled to be asked a question that I’m sure most people hadn’t before. It really opened my eyes to see how much more successful I could be in relationships with other people. It gave me the ability to understand how people feel valued and loved and made me feel like a more effective and intentional person. I think that this same concept transfers over perfectly to a lot of the topics we talk about in this class. We have seen that people need to be asked what can be done for them instead of just imposing ‘solutions’ on them. This translates from people in my day to day life as well as people in other nations that I want to help. I really enjoyed his self intervention and I think my loved ones all appreciated it too.

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