Sawyer Koelsch – Constructive Positivity Intervention


This was definitely a difficult week for me, as I had suspected. I had multiple projects and papers due, requiring a good amount of time and effort. However, my outlook on it was much more positive than it would have been usually. I did have a few slip-ups throughout the week, with a slight complaint about not having enough time to get the work done that I needed to, but overall, I did very well. Furthermore, whenever a friend would tell me about their workload or stress about a deadline, I would encourage them and let them know that they would get it done, and everything will be okay. I felt much happier by the end of the week. I am pretty sure there has never been a time where I haven’t turned something in because I couldn’t finish in time or it was too difficult. I get it done, because it needs to be done, and then I move on. The difference this week is that I was able to get things done in a quicker time period and with more motivation because I realized this and I didn’t let the initial starting block get to me. Following this intervention, I will keep this as an everyday practice. It has been a great change for me, especially during these last few weeks of the quarter.


For this intervention, I wanted to do something that would be a mindset change. I looked at the week this intervention would lie in and thought about what would be stressors and how I could positively impact it. Week 9 is shaping up to be quite laborious and difficult. I am not a necessarily negative person or complain especially often, but it will be very hard for me to not grumble about tasks coming up or work I have to do over the week. Also, I noticed that how I act and the energy I give off rubs off on others, thus I want to be encouraging others, not hindering them. I want to try to look at every single task positively. I plan on actively thinking about my words and my mindset during this week. I also plan on wearing a bracelet of some sort that acts as a physical reminder. Mental health is so important, especially during these next few weeks with the end of the quarter. I want to put my best foot forward and this will start with positive thinking.

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