Self intervention

For my self intervention I decided to try going vegan for a week. I have already in the past started cutting down on red meat and some animal products, but I still eat a lot of stuff with eggs butter and chicken.

The hardest part about starting this intervention was trying to find substitutes for all the animal products I normally eat. For breakfast I usually have eggs or cereal. I switched the milk out for soy milk but haven’t found anything I like in place of eggs. I didn’t realize how much of them I ate until I stopped eating them. generaly I just switched milk for soy milk, butter for olive oil and ate a lot more fruit.

I think if I took some more time to look for alternatives I like I could find a diet that was less painful for me, but for now I’m going to add eggs and chicken back into my diet until I find a good replacement. I’m going to keep cooking with olive oil because although it is a little messier than butter, it actually tastes better, and I will keep using soy milk because It is the only milk sold on campus in containers big enough to last me more than one meal.

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