Harry Yan Self-intervention: Only Water Week

I decided what to do for my self-intervention last Wednesday and I started right away. I was doing some grocery shopping with my friend last Wednesday trying to get some food we can cook for the Thanksgiving Day since we stayed in SLO last week. As I was going through each aisle, I suddenly remembered that I had no soda at the house.

I used to have very little intake of soda before I came to United States since my parents were preventing me from having soda by talking to me how bad those were for my health. After coming to United States, living with my host family, every time we went to the supermarkets or grocery stores, they would purchase 2 or 3 cases/boxes of sodas. Not having my parents being around talking about how bad those were, I started to drink them, and I really liked the flavor.

So, I said to myself why not do a no soda week for my self-intervention, and go beyond that, I did not buy any kind of drink other than bottled waters. I guess it was not that bad for me since there was no access to any soda during the week. But last Sunday, I opened the fridge in my room and expecting something to drink and the only thing I can find is water, I got somewhat upset since I felt what I needed was not just the liquid but the flavor within the liquid. But I got over myself really quick. Why I need to get rid of this? Is it really bad for my health? I knew that my parents were always saying sodas are bad for my health, but I never believed or doubted it before. After that I go on to the internet to search for the bad effect on people’s health by drinking soda. I was shocked by what I had seen. (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-ways-sugary-soda-is-bad-for-you) I knew the website somewhat exaggerate the bad effect of sodas, but I could feel that soda thing brings no good to my body. During the week, I kind of cheated on the last day of my self-intervention which is yesterday (Wednesday). I went to 805 and grab a cup of soda as I usually does. I totally forgot I was doing this intervention as I was talking to my friends about something.

In conclusion, I am really glad I did this intervention and realized how soda is bad for my body. I would not say I will never drink soda again (because I do not think I can do that). But I will definitely have less sodas than before and drink more water. Live a healthier life.

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