Jin Ai Jones Self-Intervention

For my self-intervention, I went a week of cooking my own meals and make sure I eat two meals a day. I’ve always had a struggle with making sure I eat especially when I’m stressed, sometimes, I’ll forget and eat only once a day. Plus, I find cooking takes up more time than i’d like. Buying frozen meals, eating out, or something fast and on-the-go is easier, faster, and more convenient for me. It gives me more time to study for my classes, exercises, have a social life, procrastinate, and etc. The first three days were difficult, if I was feeling hungry, I couldn’t just open a can of soup or take out a frozen meal. It made me realize how much I depended on the food establishments. As the week progressed, even if I wasn’t feeling hungry, I would always make sure to cook a meal. During, my time out of my apartment, I would prepare and pack snacks,. As the week went on, I notice a major bodily change, such as clearer of the skin, less acne, physical better, more energy, and a clear mind. I also took this time to change some of my dieting habits like substituting meat, eating more fruit, and cutting out any opportunity of eating processed sweets.
By the time my self-intervention came to an end, I was able to prioritize my time management more and I feel like I’ve gone through a physical and mental cleansing. This experience has encouraged me to cook my meals more, take care of myself, and reminded me that nurturing my body is important. I was able to expand my cooking skills, I feel more self-reliant, and have noticed an decrease in money spending. I don’t know how to explain it, but I do feel more stable in some way. Overall, this is the self-intervention has shown me a lot of about how I previously lived and how taking more time into cooking something of good quality is worth the opportunity cost.

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