Intervention of Choice-Joclynn Ransom

For my self intervention project of choice, I chose to challenge myself on having more meaningful conversations with people and/or more intellectual questions about material in my classes. I normally cannot do this or I choose not to because it challenges me and it takes more effort. This could ultimately bubble down to laziness but I wanted to test if that was the case. If my surface level interactions with some people were due to my inabilities or just being plain lazy.
In my findings and self reflection I found that it was mainly confidence in myself and in my voice that I was lacking. I realized I was having intercepting thoughts or conclusions and questions but I was not voicing them because of a lack of confidence in my voice being heard. That what I have to say does not matter or is irrelevant to the subject.
Furthermore, I proceeded to say what was on my mind rather than second guess the thought or not say it at all. In my classes I began to start asking more questions and not only participate, but fully contribute my ideas and statements to presentations and assignments. In person-to-person interactions I began to naturally invest more in the other person and not talk about myself so much. Or tell stories about a comedic experience or event that happened if it came to mind.
In conclusion, this project changed me and in a positive way. In retrospect, it also made me appreciate the little things in life more versus jumping from one topic or thing to another so quickly. It also forced me to listen more and be patient. But all in all, a better communicator and a champion of my own voice.

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