Megan Ruthford’s Intervention of Choice

For my intervention of choice, I decided to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day for a week. I did this for a couple of reasons; the primary being my fitness-related major of Kinesiology and an interest in the psychological effects of exercise. Knowing Week 9 of the quarter is typically rough for students, I thought this would be the perfect time to try a mood enhancing intervention. Overall, my goal was very successful, as every workout ended with good feelings and extra energy for the day. I think the hardest part about it was motivating myself to go, and finding time in my schedule each and every day. I would like to implement this regimen more often in my life, specifically as a proactive solution when I know I will be stressed in life. I feel as though it was a success, and maybe next time will even increase my time goal.

The following is a recording of my feelings before and after my workouts:

Sunday (Workout time @ 6 PM): Before- okay; After- very very happy and energetic

Monday (Workout @ 7 AM): Before- very tired, hard to get out of bed; After- ready for the day

Tuesday (Workout @ 7 PM): Before- ehh; After- tired but good tired

Wednesday (Workout @ 9 AM): Before- pretty good but it’s a long week so far; After- slightly happier

Thursday (Workout @ 7 AM): Before- very tired again; After- ready for coffee and a good day

Friday (Workout @ 9 PM): Before- tired; After- still tired

Saturday (Workout @ 9 AM): Before- happy; After- very happy

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