Self Intervention – Matthew Nelson

For my self intervention I chose to delete all social media from my phone for one week. I realized that I often find myself  staring into my phone for hours checking Instagram and twitter mindlessly. I don’t even use social media outlets for sharing aspects of my life and instead as a source for current events, keeping track of sports, and other various activities that I enjoy watching. Because of this I would be stuck scrolling through my phone losing track of time and after checking the usage of my phone I found that I spent nearly 75% of the time on my phone using these apps. Once I deleted them from my phone I found myself to be much more productive with my time. When studying for my exams I was able to focus for longer periods without getting sidetracked by mindless phone apps. I also realized that I was much more present in my everyday life instead of checking my phone every time I did not know what to do with myself I Instead enjoyed the moments and observed my surroundings. After doing this intervention for a week I actually decided to continue with keeping my social medias deleted. Finding that they were a huge waste of my time and that without them I can get a lot more done throughout the day.

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