Haley Rositano and Self-Care

For the Self Intervention of my choice, I decided to do something in attempts to calm my anxiety, and stick to a workout regime at the same time. Recently, I purchased the 30 days for $30 at Spark Yoga in SLO. All throughout High School I was always on top of my workouts and never skipped a beat, but in college things became complicated. Once I stopped working out regularly, I also noticed a change in my mental health (more anxiety about literally anything you could ever think of). ┬áRecently, my anxiety got so bad to the point of me realizing I needed to make a change in some aspect of my personal life. I started this trial at Spark about three weeks ago and this is my last week I am able to attend the classes for this price. For my Self-Intervention, I made a promise to that I would go every day last week and see how I felt when Friday rolled around. I am happy to say that I went to hot yoga classes Monday-Friday last week and really did start to notice a change in my mood. I wasn’t always over-thinking or worrying about situations that were out of my control. I am glad that this last Self Intervention gave us the freedom to choose something we wanted to personally work on, and I can honestly say that it benefitted both my physical and mental health.

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