Will Fallat- No Arguments here

I struggled to come up with an idea of going without something I can’t go without. Ultimately, I landed on not letting myself argue with people for a week. I argue with people A LOT. When I was younger, I argued more frequently and I’ve definitely cut back, but I still find myself getting into pointless arguments with friends a lot. So this past week I went without arguing. Well, that is, I tried to. I slipped up at one point when someone asked me if water was wet and had to start debating about it because I couldn’t let his argument that “water isn’t wet” slide. I was hoping that going a week without arguing would make me realize that ultimately it’s pointless and I wouldn’t do it as much. While I recognize that it can be pointless sometimes, it is something I enjoy doing, and if it’s for a worthwhile cause I’m never going stop arguing. That being said, I’m probably still going to argue about the pointless stuff because if I’m not constantly checking myself to make sure I’m not falling into arguments, I’m going to fall into an argument.

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