Madison Weatherford – Cellphone Security Blanket

I realized that my cellphone has become like a security blanket.  I have my phone charger right next to my bed, I watch youtube videos to help put my to sleep, stroll Instagram etc.  By having my cellphone so close to me as I sleep, it also makes it really easy to hit snooze on my alarm in the morning, or pick up my phone and wake up and continue to watch youtube videos and scroll instagram.  For my self intervention, I wanted to move my phone from my bed and thus help change my habit of using my phone as the first and last part of my day.  At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without using my phone.  What I quickly realized was that I am so exhausted from my day that I would quickly fall asleep.  I wear a fitbit and it helps track my sleep.  Though it is not a large difference, it shows that I have a few percentages smaller of time spent awake.  I went back and forth about doing a lot of different self interventions so I didn’t pick this one until about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  After discovering that it actually was pretty easy to fall asleep without my phone, I think it will make it easier to make it a continued habit.

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