I Forget To Be Grateful – Anita Kelleher

For my self intervention, I decided to continue an action I had already started and make it a habit, as well as take the time to record and analyze how it was making feel for the week. The week we were assigned self interventions, I had already started to make a habit out of sunset runs. I mean, dropping whatever I’m doing and chasing the sunset down foothill in a very fast, almost sprint-like run, and then continuing nice jog home when its over. For one, I love the sun and feel very connected to her personally and believe that she ties all religions and life forms together. But also, I really need running in my life to help me control me feelings of anxiety. It makes me feel alive and very grateful for that ability because I know that not everyone is fortunate. To make this part of my self intervention, I would write down a few words before my run either on a sticky note or in my phone. These words reflected on what I was feeling or what specifically was bugging me, and if on my jog home, my mind would start to drift, I would think about these words and evaluate their real importance. Running is so essential for me and I think we all need to do a bit more of what makes us feel grateful to be alive.

P.S. I realize this was a very narcistic take on what “self intention” should mean.

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