Intervention of Choice – Colin Townsend

I had originally done the final intervention over Thanksgiving break back at home, but the idea for it was prompted throughout my reflections of fall quarter and my college experience in general. I wanted to focus on being more appreciative in my life for the people that I had around me and the experiences that I am able to have everyday.

Throughout college I have had the same group of friends, growing closer and closer every year since the first day we all met in the dorms during move in. We all live together in an awesome house off campus, and are here at Cal Poly, one of the best campuses in the country. Yet, time and time again I found myself being down on my situation, and while I never voiced anything, I spent a lot of time bummed out without being able to place the feeling specifically. Once I had realized that this feeling was recurring and I took the time to actually focus on my mental health, I sought to break it down, and coincidentally this lined up with the week our final interventions were assigned and a week away from school for the holidays.

As I was unable to specifically pin my feeling to anything specific, I tried to just look over my day to day life and see where I was going wrong. As I analyzed, one thing became certain, I have things pretty flippin awesome in my life. I was taking so many of the privileges and people in my life for granted and was feeling stagnant, but the reality was that I have everything that I want. Being home for a week, I tried starting to take at least 30 minutes of everyday to myself. I used this time for reflection, specifically on all of the people I love and where I am. Taking this conscious time everyday, I began appreciating, once again, how great I have it. I am surrounded by wonderful people who love me, and I have the freedom pursue anything. 

Since my original posting and the week back at home, I have tried my best to continue my practice. I do not have time everyday, but my moments of reflection have led me to appreciate my life more fully, and have generally furthered the love I have for everyone around me as well.  

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