Cami Hidalgo- Intervention of choice

This has been a busy quarter for me. In order to make time for school, work, and a social life, I have neglected my own self-care and mental health. This week for my self-choice intervention I decided to commit to walking everyday outside by myself to reflect…on anything really. At the beginning of this intervention, I was hoping to feel more centered with myself and less stressed out by my daily tasks. The first day was definitely the hardest. During my walk, I could only think about more productive things I could have been doing with my time.. like studying for my midterm or applying for scholarships. Regardless of my failure to reconnect with myself on the first day, I kept going with my self-intervention. From this, I found that it got easier to let go of self expectations, and just enjoy my own company. Now that I have finished my intervention I can say that I feel more free. I hope carry this intervention into my everyday life, and continue to better my relationship with myself.

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