Intervention of Choice – Taka Shimokobe

I’ve developed a bad habit of not making time to reach out to people close to me. This has developed into some extreme cases, where I’ve gone weeks having not called or talked to members in my family (most of my direct and indirect family live really far away (in another country or state) so the distance has been difficult, or years without talking to close friends. This has definitely been a strain on my relationships with people, and has developed out of a bad habit of me always perceiving that I am too busy to make time for people. As I’m getting closer to graduation in 3 weeks, I’m starting to realize that this habit would likely translate into my post-graduation life, and I would like to take steps to stop this before I lose more friend and contact with family.

For my intervention, I want to reach out to at least 1 person I haven’t talked to in a while everyday and have a video or in-person conversation with that person. I hope to continue this intervention well-into the future, because I’ve been doing a pretty poor job at maintaining my relationship with friends and family.

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