Self Intervention – Go do it mentality – Cameron Cuellar

For my intervention, I decided to focus on fixing my procrastination habits. These habits not only occur for school work but in daily life as well, doing laundry, working out, etc. So for my intervention, I decided I would do tasks/activities as I thought of them. For instance, if I thought about cleaning my room I would do it right then, rather than postponing the cleaning until later in the day or even days later. I utilized this intervention for health activities as well. I recently decided I wanted to start doing at least one hike a week as part of my workout routine. So on Saturday I woke up and thought that it was really nice out so I called some friends to see if they wanted to go hike bishops and they all declined. Normally I would bail on my plan to exercise but instead, I went and hiked bishops by myself. I applied this get it done mindset to my homework throughout the week and finished a week’s worth of homework by Tuesday so I was basically free the remaining days of the school week. That seemed really nice and a lot less stressful. This intervention is starting to give me the ‘go do it’ or ‘say yes’ mentality and I like it. I feel much more productive throughout the week and hopefully, this mindset will help lead to greater things in life.

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