Self Intervention-Stephen Orradre

For my intervention, I chose to limit the use of my phone before going to bed every night. This past quarter I’ve noticed that I tend to stay up late just scrolling through social media. This has resulted in loss of sleep and productivity. Along with the feeling of being attached to something that seems to take away from more important activities, since it is forming a bad habit. To implement this, I would put my phone away two hours before I was planning on going to sleep. I would put my phone in a dresser drawer that is out of reach from my bed, so I wouldn’t have the urge to grab it if I couldn’t sleep. The first night was tough, I constantly had the urge to check all of my social media. It wasn’t until the 3rd night where I could tell I didn’t have the urge to need my phone. This intervention has taught me it’s important to detach from technology. As a result from this intervention I am sleeping a lot better since i’m not waking up in the middle of the night and feeling wide awake in the morning.

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