Intervention of Choice-Ana Michaela Bernardo

When choosing the intervention, I had to reflect on my own life and see where I can improve. One thing that I’ve noticed, is my tendency to go, go, go every day and not really appreciate the present. When I have time, I really enjoy journaling which includes writing about my thoughts and feelings. But in all honesty, I rarely get to do this because I wake up pretty rushed, go about my school/workday, do homework, socialize, and go to sleep. There never seems to be time for just sitting and writing in my journal. This past week I decided to journal every night or sometimes even during the day. I brought my journal in my school backpack so I have it at all moments. No matter how late it was in the day, I really made an effort to write. Some things I wrote about include: what I did that day, what are things that are bothering me, what are things that I’m excited about, and how I can see those negative emotions in a positive way. Because I was able to journal for a whole week, I felt very self-aware. When you look at your mood throughout that day, you can see how your actions are affected by them(whether that be a good thing or a bad thing). For me, I was dealing with a concussion so I found myself pretty short-tempered and not really present during my conversations and activities. But because I consciously recognized those feelings, I was more cautious especially when interacting with other people. This self intervention doesn’t only affect me. It affects the people I interact with. When I am in a good mood, being active in the conversation, and being fully present, I find the people I interact with to be the same. But If I’m kind of down, easily distracted, and not really talkative, I find them to do the same. And who knows, maybe they carry that mood when they talk to others…It’s a chain reaction.

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