Final Self Intervention – Julia Cannon

I have this drawing I started freshman year here at Cal Poly and have told myself that I’d finish it on a weekend, on a break, or that I’d chip at it for a few minutes every day. But that hasn’t happened in two years, because there’s always been some kind of excuse I could come up with. For my self intervention, I want to take one week (maybe more?) to intentionally dedicate at least a half hour every day towards art. My goal is to not only finish that drawing, but to challenge myself to get the creative juices flowing again and use art as a way to decompress.

UPDATE: so, turns out I lost the drawing. I can’t quite find it. I did, though, make the time during break to let my brain draw what it wanted, and it was so incredibly therapeutic. At first, I found myself being impatient and almost frustrated with not knowing where to start. But, all it took was a little music and looking through some of my photographs to find what I wanted to draw. While Week 10 is in full swing, I’ve still managed to continue to take time to doodle in my bullet journal during study breaks, rather than going on my phone. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, maybe it’s coffee, but I feel a lot less stressed out than I’ve been in the past going into finals.

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