Intervention of Choice- Milena Triana

For this intervention, I had no idea what to choose. Then I realized that one of my roommates recently took a break from social media and I noticed she seemed to be a lot more relaxed. So I decided I was going to take a break from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn which I now realized, it stresses me out, it’s pretty addicting. It has been 6 days since I have used these social media accounts. I feel better, I am not on my phone as much and I catch myself communicating with people more. I think I am communicating with people more because I am not seeing everything that they are constantly posting, so we tend to talk about more things. I have a lot more free time now, I recently started reading more. I think I get bored when I am around my friends because they are on their phones so I go outside and read my book. Another change I noticed is that I go to bed earlier and I sleep so much better. I used to be on my phone constantly before bed, scrolling and scrolling. Now I read a book before bed and I feel tired around 11 pm before I used to stay up well past midnight. It is definitely hard because everyone is constantly either on social media or talking about it. I think I will probably go back on it but I know now what amount is healthy because of the break I took. I think every now and then I will probably go “off the grid” just to take a second or a week to refresh and re focus.

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