For my self intervention of Choice, I have decided to not speak my first language (Chinese) for a week. Because it is thanks-giving week and I am staying at school, I think it is a good opportunity to do this intervention. 

It was not that bad at the beginning. I talked with my friends in English and sometimes texted my friends in Chinese. However, It became worse as time went. I felt the deep loneliness and homesick. Since I have been in the United States for 2 years,  I haven’t tried to not speak Chinese for 2 days. This is a real challenge. My feeling cannot output correctly and I couldn’t be real me with the language system which I am familiar with. I believe lots of people who has experienced a long -term international travel will feel the similarity. The excitement and “challenge myself feeling ” is faded in time and only unspeakable bitter left. Moreover, I realize how important the healthy communication it is for a mentally healthy human being.  

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