Intervention of Choice- Michael Cipolletti

For my final intervention of choice I decided not to watch any TV or play video games. I don’t play many video games in the first place put I do watch tv at night a lot before I go to bed. Over this last week I had off for Thanksgiving break and put this intervention to the test. It was hard at first when I would walk downstairs for breakfast and my parents would have the TV on. I started eating breakfast in the backyard which I found as a good way to start my morning. It would wake me up a bit more and I could watch the sky light up and listen to the birds chirp. On the other hand, at night i felt almost the need to watch The Office in order to settle down. But i forced myself to read instead. I found that reading puts me to sleep just as fast as watching TV. Sometimes it would cause me to read the same page a few times, through heavy eyelids but I ended up finishing a book over the break and that felt like an accomplishment. In conclusion this was a great intervention and I will implement it more in the future.

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