Intervention of Choice – Owen Staveland

For my personal intervention, I decided to call a friend every day who I don’t see very much anymore. For some reason, I feel a bit of a mental block on doing this normally, imaging that it’ll be awkward or something. But it really never is and I always enjoy reconnecting with people. This intervention was very fun and helped me overcome that mental block.

My “global citizen” intervention was to time my showers. Water doesn’t seem like the most important resource that I use, but as a California resident I should definitely have more respect for water as a resource. This intervention helped me become much more aware of my water use. I was imagining it would become this race for me every day to see how quickly I could shower, eventually getting it down to ridiculously low times. However, the pressure of school has been pretty immense for me this quarter and I’ve been kind of depressed, which makes my showers much longer. Maybe I’ll return to this intervention another time and see how low I can get it. Still, now I have a much better idea of how much water I use while showering. Now I should calculate the flow rate of the shower head and see how much water I use by quantity.

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